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While looking up ways to incorporate text editor features into a text field for a feature of a website that I am building, I discovered a plugin that not only allows the user to format the text with things like bold and italics but also use proper tags and then check the content for accessibility before making it available online.

Excitedly, I used a quick demo that was available on the site and it appears relatively easy to use and understand. The plugin caught mistakes like using bold instead of an h tag. It also caught when 1) was used instead of an actual ordered list.

Providing things like this directly in a Content Management System is a great idea especially now that more and more clients are becoming aware of accessibility and it’s importance. With tools like this one they can be confident that they didn’t miss things that a web developer would be aware of like accessibility when using the CMS in order to add maintain their site themselves.

I’m not sure at this point in my research what tools similar to the one that I found exist but I’m certainly going to find out. I’ve started looking at reviews online and the one that I found, CKeditor seemed to have good reviews however not all of the reviews are related to accessibility since they offer many other features as well so I will certainly have to research into it some more and try it out for myself.

I’m also going to be attending an accessibility club meetup on Monday so if I have the opportunity to ask other developers who passionate about accessibility if they’ve heard or used it and what they would recommend I will certainly do that.

I’d like to include this into  a project that I’m working on however it’s not necessarily appropriate to the context of the particular project that I was researching at the time that I found out about it since that text editor is for the client users as opposed to admin who are adding content. I am certainly however going to keep it in mind and perhaps play around with it when I finally have some free time. I would love to create something with it that I could then also include in the portfolio show next semester so I will have to think more about that. I’m actually really excited that!


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