Companion Quest

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Companion Quest

Companion Quest is an online companion app for table-top roleplaying games, intended to simplify the game play of table-top roleplay games and open up options that an online format can provide.

As someone who had recently begun playing table-top roleplay games prior to the creation of this project, I distinctly remembered the learning curve and how intimidating it was my first time playing. Even when playing with paper and a handful of dice alongside seasoned players, my experiences were sometimes overwhelming.

Our goal was therefore to remove some of that intimidation and make roleplay table-top gaming easier and more intuitive for beginners who have little to no experience as well as enhance the gameplay for seasoned players.

Our own team comprised of a mixture of seasoned players and beginners began by selecting features that would be crucial to the game-play itself as well as features that would enhance the user experience for those long time players.

In order to draw users towards our new application, we selected a bright design that reflects the adventurous nature of roleplay gaming along with a light-hearted tone to match the language of our audience.

Players can therefore select from pre-uploaded games, create a new game as well as join an existing one. You can then play the game in our game room which allows players to chat, take notes, send out notices as well as roll their dice and upload maps.

For this project I was responsible for the user specific games list within the main portal that allows users to be taken to their selected game as well as notes and notices. Notes allows players to take and save their own notes and refer back to them at a later game.

Notices on the other hand are written by the Game Master and sent to all of the players within that particular game using Ajax so that the players within the game can receive the notice in real time without having to leave the page or refresh their browser.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • jQuery AJAX

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