Personal Identity & Branding

Images of personal branding and print materials.

When creating this website it was my goal to choose a design and a style that would allow me the flexibility to also utilize the design on all of my branding and print materials.

Due to my love for illustration I wanted something that highlighted those skills and adequately demonstrated my creative side while also maintaining a level of professionalism. Once my colours were selected I therefore created the Toronto skyline as an ode to my schooling.

Rather than use a standard headshot, I also chose to draw an illustration of myself. Here too I wanted something that could be used as an identity on both the website and branding material.

I also created and designed a printed version of my portfolio, complete with a cover page and table of contents. The document adheres to the branding and is made up of the same colour scheme as both the website and business cards. More illustrations were also added throughout in order to quickly draw attention to all other media experience throughout my career prior to working as a developer.