Making Accessible Media

macbook open on a desk with the making accessible media website open

Making Accessible Media: Inclusive and Accessible Design in Broadcast Media is an online study course for Humber College Institute of Technology and Applied Learning. The course is designed to educate users about the importance of inclusive design and accessibility in broadcast media.

Designed for media professionals, other post-secondary institutions, Humber College students and faculty, this fully accessible open source online course, offered in both French and English, focuses on representation of disability in broadcast media, captioning, transcription, described video and live captioning for broadcast, alt text for images and tutorials on how to make accessible documents.

The course was made available to Media Studies students as of September 2017 in order to raise awareness of the barriers to accessibility in current broadcast media practices.

The website goal is to teach students about accessibility as well as the importance of including accessibility into their initial process rather than at the end.

As one of the web developers of this website, I was initially responsible for testing and making changes but then gradually took on more web development tasks as the project progressed and the deadlines approached.

Not only did I learn a lot about accessibility while working on this project but I was also able to improve my skills in web development and testing. Being able to identify areas within the site that could be difficult to navigate for users as well as see firsthand the feedback that was received during the user testing phase was extremely beneficial to my own learning.